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Staying in the curve

21st, Mar. 2006 | 12:06 pm
My Mood: frustratedfrustrated

Sofia was born weighing 3.55kg/7lbs 14oz, and she was 51 cm long. On her first checkup, she was 20 days old, she'd grown to 53cm but her weight was still 3.5kg. Dr. Padilla suggested that I supplement her breastfeeding with expressed milk or formula, about an extra ounce or two. After two weeks, my mom took my baby for another checkup and she'd only gained 300gm. Dr. Padilla said Sofia was falling out of the curve (growth rate) and that wasn't good, that her eyes were sunken, her skin was dry. In short, she wasn't getting enough nourishment. She told me that I have to increase Sofia's feedings to 2-3oz of formula after she'd breastfed.

I cried. I felt SO inept and guilty that what I was afraid would happen DID happen. My baby wasn't getting enough milk, and I hadn't read the signs. It's not as if I wasn't already trying my damnedest! How ironic pa na kung sino yung malaking babae ako pa yung kulang ang gatas para sa anak ko. Buset. I know a couple of teeny tiny girls who were able to express as much as 20 oz a day - baket ganon?!? Feeling ko tuloy baka naman subliminally, i really want to stop breastfeeding already. Hindi naman ah!!! Ayan - nabuang na talaga.

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(no subject)

19th, Mar. 2006 | 06:44 pm

The Window Shopper
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Cows love Mozart

18th, Mar. 2006 | 07:48 pm
My Mood: weirdweird

Much of Austria is agricultural land, so there are a lot of farmers. We got to learn a lot about how they work the land, their products, their system, etc. Austrian dairy farmers are particularly famous because they produce excellent butter, cheese, milk (the double cream milk is out of this world - right, Teens?) and that's because they take excellent care of their cows. Their cows listen to Mozart (they install piped-in stereo systems where the cows are milked) because apparently, Mozart's music is beautiful even to animals, and his music increases their milk supply.

I'm not an animal, but I feel like a cow because I produce milk. And I definitely need to increase my milk supply, so I guess I really should start listening to Mozart more. Thank God I like him too!

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18th, Mar. 2006 | 06:55 pm

My 1st pregnancy shattered all my pre-conceived notions of motherhood. I wanted to sue those ads promoting breastfeeding showing pictures of mothers contentedly nursing their babies. You wanna know what they were probably thinking? "GOTTA MAKE MORE MILK...GOTTA MAKE MORE MILK...GOTTA MAKE MORE MILK..." or "I AM A COW...I AM A COW...I AM A COW..." But they gotta think and say it to themselves with a calm and peaceful countenance (projek MAMA MARY baga) because everybody knows pag na-tense ang nanay napapanis ang gatas niya (sabi ng mga lola) at lalong kamakaunti (sabi ng mga doktor). How's that for pressure? Try doing THAT when your baby's screaming frantically for milk because she can't squeeze diddly from your dried-out breasts. And just like a cow you have to eat as much greenery as you can, especially malunggay. O di ba! Chew fodder and make milk. Perfect.

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